I find that many of my students have difficulty lengthening the breath or timing movements in and out of poses to match the breath. It’s easy to run out of breath, even in gentle poses. Besides that, there’s a lot…
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Got Foot Cramps?

Many of my students complain of foot cramps when they practice yoga. I have a few tricks you might like to increase circulation and work those parts of your foot that don’t usually get a lot of exercise. Try some…
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Viniyoga at Aetna on PBS

We’ve done it again! Mark Bertolini was interviewed by PBS about his management style and introduction of yoga in the workplace, and they caught yours truly on camera teaching another yoga class! Click here to view the 6 minute video (which…
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Viniyoga at Aetna

Due to the visionary leadership of Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, Viniyoga and mindfulness  are being taught to employees of Aetna all over the country. CBS This Morning recently interviewed Mark about this and I appear (for about 10 seconds! –…
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Management by Mantra

Thinking yoga and corporations don’t mix? Check out what Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, is up to. I am one of the Viniyoga teachers mentioned in this article and I also coordinate the program for American Viniyoga Institute.

A gratitude meditation

At my Thanksgiving table, my family has a ritual where we each, in turn, say what we’re grateful for. We often get some snarky answers, like, “my iPhone,” or “my subscription to the New Yorker,” [yes, I really did say…
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